5 Reasons You Should Cut Down a Tree

People fell trees for a wide range of reasons including to produce timber, make paper, create space for new constructions and many others. However, in this article, we will be looking at the various reasons you might need to fell a tree when it is not for any commercial purpose.

1. The tree is dead

While a dead tree might be an eyesore, you might think to yourself that it isn’t causing any harm to anyone and just leave it be. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A dead tree can cause many problems and in some cases, it can even be a safety hazard. There is always the risk of dead branches snapping off and hitting people, pets or property. Even worse, the whole tree can fall causing serious injuries and damage to property, especially during bad weather conditions. Call a tree surgeon straight away, like tree felling Southampton.

2. The tree is diseased

While you don’t necessarily need to cut down a tree once you discover it is diseased, it is important to take action immediately. Have any branches showing signs of infection pruned as soon as possible. In case the disease has spread throughout the tree, ensure that you call in a tree surgeon who will examine it and also remove it if need be. Keep in mind that not dealing with an infected tree early enough can cause many problems. For instance, the surrounding trees and plants can become infected and it can also attract pests including rats and insects that can end up invading your home. When you fail to effectively treat a diseased tree, it will eventually die and you will need to fell it sooner or later.

3. The tree is growing dangerously close to something

While it is often assumed that when a tree grows too close to a house, it can cause its foundation to crack, this is rather uncommon. However, there are lots of other issues that can arise when a tree is growing too close to something. For instance, when a tree is growing too close to drainage pipes, it can cause blockages since the roots can grow into them.
In addition, large trees can cause structures like garages, summer houses and paving slabs to lift slightly as they grow beneath them. On the other hand, branches can reach roofs and gutters causing physical damage. Thus, you should prune any branches that might be growing too close to these features.

4. The tree is leaning in one direction

In case you have a tree that is leaning in a particular direction more weight will be applied on one side than the other, which makes it more prone to falling in serious weather conditions. While you might choose to simply leave it, if it is leaning in a particular direction where it could fall and cause serious injuries or damage, the best and safest option is to have it removed.

5. The tree has interior decay

Identifying interior decay can be quite difficult for the average person, which is why it is important to bring in the expertise of a tree surgeon. Given the fact that it is quite difficult to spot a tree with interior decay, this makes it even more dangerous. Not only can it lead to structural issues but the tree can also deteriorate gradually without anyone noticing which can cause it to snap or fall unexpectedly.

So there you have it, some of the key reasons why you should have a tree removed. However, there are other less serious reasons to fell a tree such as to reduce the amount of shade in your garden, to add more space, etc. Regardless of what your needs are, at HRG Tree Surgeons, we have the perfect solution for you.