Safety Tips For A Girls’ Night Out

If you are planning a friend’s, mom’s, or ladies’ night out, Dr Kalia has recommended a few essential safety tips to make sure you and your friends or family members have the safest and best night out.

1. Stick Together

To ensure your safety, always stay close to your friends or girlfriends. Whether on a dancefloor or the subway, the buddy system is one of the best ways to ensure everyone remains safe. If you are travelling in cars, walk anyone that is travelling alone to their vehicle, or make sure they are safely in their homes before driving off. Remember “there is always safety in numbers”.

If you plan to have a few drinks, ensure that there is one person that won’t be drinking to make sure each person arrives home safely. It might not seem like fun to “babysit” your friends or family members, but making sure one person remains sober can deter a stranger from trying to take advantage of one or more people in your group.

2. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

If you do not feel comfortable with your surroundings or someone is making you feel nervous, let your friends know and then move to the next location.

Dr. Kalia mentions that it is important to trust your gut instincts and to always remain alert when it comes to your surroundings. Being courteous or polite is not as important as your safety. Avoid giving out your details and trust your instincts.

3. Safeguard Your Drinks

When you are at a club dancing and enjoying yourself, you may forget about unattended drinks sitting on a bar or table. This can provide the opportunity for a person to slip something into the drink, which could turn him into a target for kidnapping or sexual assault.

The near and far mobile bar is available for all locations. Make sure you keep your drinks on you at all times or buy new ones if you have left them unattended. Never accept a premade drink from a stranger. If someone is asking if they can buy you drinks, make sure you go with them to the bar so that you can see what the bartender is pouring for you.

4. Recognize Any Signs Of Being Drugged

Drugs that are referred to as ‘date rape drugs’ often lead to reduced inhibitions and sedation. A drug like Rohypnol (also known as roofies), Quaaludes, and GHB are often used to slip into drinks without the person detecting or knowing about it.

There are sometimes a few telltale signs that a drink was spiked. This can include excessive bubbles, colour changes to the drink, or the drink turning cloudy. But in the majority of cases, you probably won’t even taste or smell any difference, but you will most certainly feel different.

If you suspect you have been drugged or you notice strange behaviour in one of your friends, go to the closest hospital immediately. If you have met someone for a date or you are on your own, call a friend or family member immediately so that they can get you to a hospital. These drugs typically exit the system within 48 to 72 hours, which is why early testing is important to establish what happened.

5. Drink Responsibly

This may sound obvious but concentrate on pacing yourself when you are out enjoying a few drinks with friends. Stay hydrated with water, and make sure you have eaten a meal beforehand. These measures can also help with staving off feeling ill the following day.

6. Be Mindful Of What You Are Posting On Social Media

Avoid posting your current location or where you plan to go on social media platforms. Rather post videos or photos once you have already left the venue. Posting your plans and where you are at is an “open invitation” for predators.