The Importance of a Vehicle’s Suspension System

The suspension is one of the sturdiest and most important systems of a vehicle. Even though it is extremely durable, the suspension system can get damaged as a consequence of hitting a pothole or an obstacle. Also, if you usually drive off-road or on bumpy roads or if you use your vehicle to haul heavy loads, you may notice the premature wear of your suspension system. All these make it difficult to predict the actual useful life of your suspension system, hence the need for periodical inspections. Auto Select can perform these inspections on your suspension kits to detect and identify all broken, worn out or missing parts.

The Dangers of Improper Suspension

An improper suspension system is dangerous because it could lead to terrible accidents, as your control over the vehicle would be weaker. The main elements of a suspension system are the springs and the shock absorbers. The springs support the weight of the vehicle above its axles and allow the vehicle to bounce. This attenuates the shocks by reducing the forces resulting from the impact with bumps or irregular surfaces. At the same time, the springs enable the wheels of the vehicle to maintain permanent contact with the ground.

Shock absorbers are responsible for managing the performance, thus allowing you to maintain steady control over the vehicle. The springs have a limited lifespan. They either wear out or break and require periodical replacements. Similarly, shock absorbers wear out and need to be replaced at certain time intervals. Some vehicles also feature struts. Struts are combinations of springs and shock absorbers and they also have a limited useful life. Your preventive maintenance checkups should include the inspection of struts.

The Integrity of the Suspension System

The integrity of the suspension system is one of the most important safety measures you can take. This is why it is crucial that you take good care of this system, in order to prevent accidents. There are early warning signs that let you know something is wrong with your suspension system. One of the most obvious signs is the development of a cupped wear pattern on your tires. This pattern appears as a consequence of shocks bouncing in an uneven manner. The handling performance of your vehicle is another good predictor of suspension problems. If you experience a drifting sensation or a feeling that you float when you corner, that’s a sign you should have your suspension system thoroughly inspected. Also, if you notice that the front of your vehicle dips whenever you brake, you should rest assured you’ll have to replace the shocks pretty soon. If you are involved in an accident that has damaged one of the wheels, you should also have your suspension system checked. Always make sure you have your suspension system repaired as soon as possible.

Driving a vehicle with a damaged suspension is a surefire recipe for disaster. If one of the shocks is damaged and requires replacement, you should replace all four of them, in order to ensure your vehicle will maintain its proper balance. Always buy good quality shocks or struts. These parts should heave at least similar quality to the original ones. Choosing a downgrade isn’t the best idea ever. On the contrary, going for an upgrade could prove to be a smart thing to do, provided that you can afford it. If you want to enjoy better handling performance of your vehicle, you may want to consider going for an upgrade. Similarly, if you tow a trailer or handle heavy loads, you should ensure you get heavy-duty shocks that are able to withstand such efforts.