Things To Do In Winchester

Winchester, one of England’s oldest cities, is the county town of Hampshire. It is one of the most popular cities in the UK for students looking to study since it hosts one of the country’s best universities. Here is what you need to know about Winchester including things to do, transport, sporting culture and famous people from Winchester.


Winchester is found on the course of River Itchen. It is 61 miles to the southwest of London and 14 miles from Southampton. It has a total population of approximately 116,800 people.

The Nightlife In Winchester

Winchester is home to a vibrant nightlife. Everything you need is available, whether it’s a restaurant, pub or bar, there is always something for everyone. Here is a list of the top 3 places that are perfect for you. If you have an event planned that requires a mobile bar, I would recommend you google search mobile bar hire near you.

VODKA Bar & Nightclub

It is the best place to spend a night out when in Winchester. Here, you can enjoy different types of themed nights as well as a fresher’s week. You will listen to the best live music and DJ sets in Winchester when you visit this club.

The Black Bottle

If you are looking for a classic British pub, you have come to the right place. Here, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and some time away from a busy nightclub. You will be in the company of friendly staff and your alcohol will be served to match your preferences. It’s the best place to visit in Winchester if you are looking for a relaxed evening.

The Winchester Club

Are you looking for the best social club in Winchester? The Winchester Club must be your first choice. Here, you will find everything you need to have the best time. There is a bowling alley, pool table, poker table and much more. It’s a great place for locals and tourists alike.


Winchester has a proud and strong history. The residents of this amazing city always celebrate the rich and beautiful history. The city is also proud of the beautiful museums such as the Winchester’s Military Museum and the City Museum Winchester. These museums are accessible to the public and you can take time to learn about the city and all the history it has to offer.


If you are looking for a way to spend your day in Winchester, you will love the cinemas. Are you looking for a place to spend a night out with friends and watch movies? Well, the Everyman Winchester is the ultimate choice. Here, you can enjoy the café and the cinema. Whether you are looking for a modern or classic film, this is the place to be.

Winchester is home to so many activities that bring the community closer together. These include the Winchester Festival where you can find the best live music, special guests, topical discussions and many extras. Book your tickets today!


The available transport options in Winchester are small but very exceptional. First, there is a Park and Ride service offered by Stagecoach South and is available in the entire city. If you are looking to travel to other major cities in the area such as Southampton, you can enjoy the transport services offered by Bluestar. You can also enjoy the national coach services offered by Megabus and National Express.

Winchester Railway Station is the main train station and goes from London, Southampton, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester and Bournemouth.

Final Thoughts

Winchester is a beautiful city with so many things to do. If you ever find yourself in Winchester, try out these activities, alone or with family for an exhilarating experience.