Modern Kitchen Concepts – Contemporary Designs For Entertaining And Cooking

The old cliche of the kitchen as the hub of the house is definitely truer than it has ever been before. All of life occurs there so there are even dedicated workstations in today’s kitchen layouts. These days appliances are much quieter and technology is ultra-connected so that dinner practically cooks itself.

And since you don’t want to look all day for your kitchen’s nuts and bolts, it is all hidden away by modern solutions behind cupboard doors and using smart storage systems to maximise the entire height of the space.

What Should Modern Kitchens Look Like?

Kitchens need to be able to function properly and good designers can make this happen. However, if you will be spending a lot of time in your kitchen, you should be surrounded by things that you love. If you are a night owl you may want to be surrounded by a dark rich scheme that contains lots of texture along with flexible lighting for creating the mood. On the other hand, if your kitchen is your office and family hub, you may want to have a series of zones created and have whisper-quiet appliances installed along with bright functional finishes that contain a hint of colour in order for the energy to continue to flow. Looking at your options is the best way to find kitchen aesthetics that appeal to you and your family, Kitchen showroom Surrey has amassed so much choice for the customer.

Modern Kitchen Concepts

From cutting-edge cabinetry to the most highly advanced appliance, we provide you with the best modern kitchen design ideas to inspire you.

Add An Extension

The most popular type of home improvement project is by far the kitchen extension. This is not surprising. Space is key if you would like to entertain in comfort and style. Consider your needs for every scenario from multi-tasking activities throughout the week to lay Sunday mornings with family and dinners with friends. We offer kitchen extension ideas that provide many clever ways to maximise your space.

Go Crazy With Tiles

In general, over the past couple of years, colourful tiles and vibrant kitchen backsplashes have become increasingly popular. This is a great way to incorporate colour into your kitchen. You may want your core paint colours to be more neutral.

Combine The New And Old

If you are fortunate enough to have some original kitchen features such as a fireplace, exposed brick, or wooden beams, you should definitely consider incorporating them into your modern kitchen design. Interest is added to the room when you combine the old and new and gives a unique twist to your home.

Keep Things Out Of Sight

The utility and pantry have long been on the top of the list for country kitchens and are also a modern dream come true.

This is a practical setup for a modern kitchen that is designed for entertaining since the service areas are kept out of sight. However, when you have great pantry ideas like this you might not want them hidden away.

Light Things Properly

Having well-designed lighting will provide your kitchen with various levels of light in different areas in order to suit a wide range of tasks. Bright light is needed in areas where you prep and cook while over seating areas you will want softer ambient light.

Consider how your light fittings will look both unlit and lit – and whether you prefer having a statement piece or would like something that is more discreet and blends in during the day and then after hours comes into its own.

Make Things Easy On The Eyes

When it comes to detailing and design, be playful. This makes things easier on the eyes. You don’t need to have uniform flat-fronted doors. You can mix and match your tones and colors and use unusual insets to break the gridlock.