Top 10 Ways a Help Desk Can Help You

Working More Efficiently

Workers can easily submit issues easily so that the tech issues can be fixed fast. This gives workers more time to be productive, and less time worrying about the problem. This way, the IT professionals are going to waste less time doing unnecessary manual processes. This gives them more time to focus on important work.

Smart Multitasking Even When on The Go

With a help desk system, IT professionals can easily categorise and prioritise issues, which allows them to plan better on their work. A technician might be interested in handling similar issues in one trip from the server room. This ensures maximum efficiency and productivity.

One Place for All Requests to Do With IT

Help desk systems usually come with a user portal where workers can create tickets, view the status of open issues, and close tickets once the problem has been resolved. It can also be used for relaying important information to users (e.g. planned downtime). This reduces unnecessary tickets.

Customisation to Meet Your Needs

The help desk will include the title and description of the problem. If you are looking for better categorisation and more detailed information, you can create custom fields like building location, department, floor number, etc. The data can then be used for creating reports.

Analysing IT Trends and Improving Overall Workflow

Help desks help in tracking metrics, like the average time it takes to resolve a ticket, IT managers can get detailed reports and can notice trends. If you notice that a given technician is good at a specific task, you can give them a ticket for maximum efficiency.

Prioritising Important Tasks

Different tickets require different responses, and it depends on their severity. Replacing an old keyboard for one person is not that important compared to fixing a failed server affecting the whole company. Help desks systems help technicians prioritise and sort tickets. This way, high priority tickets are going to be handled fast, and avoid any delays on urgent issues.

Auto-assigning Help Desk Tickets

A good help desk software is one that analyses tickets then assign issues based on given criteria. You can choose to send out all the software problem to Steve and all the hardware issues to Bob. You can assign all the tickets with the word “password” to Sally, and all tickets from Marketing or Accounting to Mary.

Better In Establishing Expectations With Due Dates

With a help desk services, you can easily set, track, and communicate changes to issue due dates. This is good because it helps both the employee who submitted the ticket and the IT Pro addressing the issue. These due dates can be manually or automatically assigned. The technicians can also sort ticket based on how soon they need to be resolved.

Reinventing the Wheel

There are some issues that reoccur regularly. When there is a help desk system, you can choose to leave notes on the ticket that helped in solving the problem. When there is a new ticket, the technician can search through the old tickets and see if there has been a similar problem in the past.

Showing What You Are Worth

With the reports, you can easily run reports showing the number of tickets resolved in a given time frame. This will help identify the problem areas and how much the IT professionals bring to the company.