7 Renovation Trends In 2021

After the coronavirus pandemic, there was a huge shift in day-to-day activities globally. Daily commutes ended, offices were shuttered and people tried schooling, working out, therapy and working from home. With the coronavirus effects easing in 2021, it’s easy to wonder how the landscaping, decorating and home improvement niche will recover. Here are the expected trends for 2021.

Giving Rooms A New Life

Besides makeovers for the family room, there have been increased requests for designing recreational and entertainment rooms. The coronavirus pandemic is still teaching us how to maximize the use of the space that we spend a lot of time in.

Focus On Home Office Sanctuaries

Post coronavirus, more people are working from home. As such, there will be a huge increase in demand for workspace/live renovation. For instance, most people might transform their current bedrooms and any bonus spaces into offices. They might also add purpose-built home office structures to any empty land in their properties.

Making Room For Multigenerational Households

Now, a lot of large tracts builders have received requests for multigenerational homes with 2 separate homes living under one roof. It’s much more than the shifting dynamic among numerous families. A lot of homeowners can also monetize the extra space to accommodate long-term rentals or Airbnbs among other short-term leasing options.

Incorporating Green Solutions

With Joe Bidden as the US president, there will be a shift to green initiatives that were lacking in the previous administration. More people are likely going to add large systems such as rainwater harvesting or solar power to their homes. Even better, there will be more incentives for property owners to consider insulation and upgrading their HVAC. As such, a lot of contractors in the residential or commercial renovation niche are likely going to get a lot of new orders for these activities.

Extending The Indoors Into The Outdoors

Most of the home renovations in 2021 are going to consider extending outdoor living space to their indoors. It’s not only for the warmer climate but everywhere else too. The design will be done in such a way that there is a natural flow between the indoors and the outdoors. Features such as large folding doors or sliding doors will allow this transition effortlessly.

Creating Bathroom Oases

How many times did you find yourself in your bathroom just to get some quiet time? Well, a lot of bathroom renovation experts have revealed that with the right features, a bathroom should be able to reduce stress. Actually, statistics reveal that a lot of homeowners who renovated their bathrooms reveal that they enjoyed the new spa experience, especially during the tough coronavirus pandemic.

Go Big With Tiles

Since a lot of people are still spending most of their time at home, there have been a lot of visual upgrades. For instance, with a large-format tile, you are going to visually expand any small space you are living in. As such, there is increased use of large-format tiles in most houses. It means fewer grout lines and less visual clatter. Most people are using large format tiles in different classic patterns such as brick, stacked or herringbone for the best visual appeal.

If you are thinking about renovating your home post-COVID-19, you need to take these amazing trends into consideration and hire the best contractors to pull it off. KJM Group.