Improving Your Brand Through the Washroom Experience

Bathroom standards are important for the British public. You might be surprised to know that the washroom experience can have a big impact on a company’s image. Bathrooms have become one of the tools to use when improving customer experience and branding.

The good thing is such improvements don’t have to cost a lot, and the small things can have the biggest impact, such as feminine hygiene services and providing proper care and cleanliness. Making some simple changes, from design to hygiene, will ensure that customers and visitors – whether they are looking for an alternative to a public bathroom or spending a lot of time there- you can be sure they are going to have a great experience.

Keeping It on Theme

We have been taught since we were young never to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to matters of public bathrooms, appearance is very important. Even though customers are not going to eat from the bathroom, the space is an extension of the restaurant; you need to make them feel like they are in one unified space. Don’t make it seem like the bathroom was an afterthought.

It is important for the bathroom design to reflect the branding to make customer knows that they are valued and thought of even if they aren’t in the main restaurant area. There are cases where an impressive bathroom design can lead to more business, with customer stories and photos gaining traction online and even local news outlets.

Keeping It Clean

If the bathroom has a great design, it can still be an unpleasant experience to use it if it is not properly cleaned. While cleanliness in the bathroom is not going to gain a lot of attention online, the lack of it is going to create a negative impression and can turn away customers. People will share with their friends and family their experience if they encounter a dirty bathroom. This makes it important to ensure the bathroom is as clean as possible.

Cleanliness should be at the top of every catering establishment. A well-maintained and spotless bathroom is going to help you avoid any complaints while leaving a good impression – even if it is unconscious.

Choosing the Right Facilities

It is hard to maintain a clean bathroom if there are no appropriate facilities. You can put a lot of hours into cleaning toilets seats and scrubbing floors, but it is not going to help much if the bins are constantly overflowing because they are small.

The facilities should be regularly emptied and replaced to make sure your customers have a positive experience. Soap and paper towel dispensers have to be topped up regularly. This encourages good hygiene in a place that involves food. This will also show customers that you were anticipating their arrival. There is nothing worse than a customer having to chase down a manager or server because there are no toilet papers.

Sanitary waste is one of the most common facilities issues restaurants face. One of the legal requirements for a restaurant is providing sanitary bins, it is not the work of the staff to dispose of the waste. The company providing the waste disposal bins is the one responsible for this. Make sure you choose an appropriate sanitary waste provider who is going to meet your needs and in regular contact to make sure everything is going on smoothly. This will enable a pleasant experience for your customers.