Top Tips to Improve Mobile App Retention

You can ask anyone that has some experience in SEO and they’ll be some of the first to tell you how difficult it can be to increase rankings. While black hat techniques may have been effective in the past, that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, you cannot trick algorithms. You need to get your site ranking organically without any manufacturing taking place. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting your website blacklisted. The same is true when it comes to ranking in the mobile app search engines, according to a mobile app development agency in London.

One of the biggest app stores is the Google Play Store. This store uses the same type of ranking system to ensure that the best and highest quality mobile apps are ranking the highest. They do this so users don’t have to dig through countless poor quality apps leading to a poor end-user experience. Apptaura can help you if you’re looking to create your mobile app.

The best way to guarantee high rankings in a mobile app store is by maximising your retention efforts. To get your app high within the search engines, you’ll need to have a good retention score. This is judged based on how many people continue to use your app after 30 days of having it downloaded. After all, if they are using your app after 30days, there is a high chance that it fulfilled their needs and met their expectations.

While it may have been all about getting a good rating in the past, that’s no longer the main ranking signal. While it’s still important to maintain a good rating, that’s not all you need to focus on.

Keeping this information in mind, you might be wondering how to go about improving your retention efforts. Here are some of the best ways to do just that.

Best Ways to Improve Retention:

  1. Make Your App Easy to Use

Far too often developers don’t pay attention to the usability of their apps. They try to create good-looking apps that are fancy and that have a lot of features baked into them. The problem is, no one knows how to use it. If you have a learning curve for your app, it’s already going to turn away a lot of users. The fact is, many don’t want to have to learn something new. They want to use apps to make their lives easier, not more difficult. Your app should be easy to download and begin using right away. You don’t want there to be instructions for the app nor do you want people to have to watch tutorials to use it. By making your app intuitive, you can maintain a high retention rate.

  1. Create the Right Expectations

Another point in which a lot of developers fail is when they are looking to position their apps. You need to be positioning your app and framing it properly. You don’t want a bunch of people who aren’t your target market downloading and installing your app. This is only going to drive up the number of people that end up uninstalling it which will hurt your retention numbers. Instead, you want to ensure that you are targeting the ideal users. This can help you boost your retention efforts to gain within the rankings.

If your app doesn’t deliver on a user’s expectations, they’ll end up uninstalling it. You want to use screenshots and even the proper branding to ensure that you are creating the right expectations for prospective users.

  1. Invite Ex-Users Back

A lot of people make the mistake of not paying attention to former users. If someone downloaded and installed your app before, it likely interested them for some reason. You should continue to try to get these people back on and using your app if at all possible.

  1. Update Things

Your app needs to be continually updated. If you have an app that delivers content, you should be publishing fresh content regularly. If your app is something that people download and use regularly, you should try to add new features and keep things interesting with routine updates. This will increase the total number of times you have people using your app which boosts your retention numbers.