The Importance of Video Marketing

It is not hard to see the reasons why video content and use have skyrocketed when it comes to the digital landscape of today. Some of the main reasons have to do with it offering easy-to-digest content giving viewers a break from the text-based content that once dominated the online sector. This is exactly why people from all over the globe watch more than 1-billion hours of video content on YouTube every day and lots of agencies to help you create great videos are now available, like

For anyone that would like to enter the digital marketing world as a career, knowing the versatility and power of video marketing and the way to leverage this power is essential. This includes not only knowing how to produce fantastic videos and content but also finding ways to introduce content to stay ahead in this extremely competitive field. This is one of the reasons why smart companies work with branded content videographers and creative agencies to make the most out of video marketing opportunities.

Here are a few best practices dedicated to digital marketers when it comes to sharing and creating videos. We have also highlighted important reasons as to why videos have become so important to a complete digital marketing strategy.

Why Use Videos?

Videos have become an important content format since they are both engaging and versatile. With videos, it is very easy to demonstrate something, which provides realistic portrayals of what is happening. They are also very simple to share. Marketers also love these formats since it provides a much higher potential when it comes to ROI (return on investment) especially since videos are so sharable.

Videos are also very accessible since anyone of your target audience with an Internet connection can access them. While the trend is moving towards high-quality production and a more professional level, at this stage anyone can create their own videos using a laptop or smartphone.

Different Video Types

Today there are various video types available, and a large portion of the creation of high-converting content strategies is to gain an intricate understanding of the exact purpose of the video before you decide to craft them. Due to these reasons, you want to be sure of the video type you plan to create, as well as the channel that you plan to share it on, coincides with the purpose of your video.

Here is an overview of where you should be looking to use various types of videos.

  1. Explanation Video

Providing explanation videos often educates your potential customers about a service or product. They can also be used effectively alongside customer service, instructions, and many other types of applications.

  1. Interviews

Interviews are often effective when it comes to boosting conversations between different sides or as a great method to promote partnerships with influencers. If you are creating a video that will feature special guests, you can also re-use the audio and then publish it in different formats such as a podcast.

  1. Reviews

Demo videos and/or reviews can be created by anyone you consider as a brand ambassador. You can then offer them complimentary access to free products or services. If you are able to identify people that already have a following and those that are interested in increasing their following, this is an excellent way to achieve low-cost advertising. This can also assist you when it comes to finding out information on what consumers think about a service or product that your company supplies, by checking on their engagement. This can also act in a very similar way to “extended” market research.