Thoughtful Going Away Party Ideas and Tips

Picking a Venue

Unless the person who wants to move offers their home up, don’t assume that the party is going to be hosted there. It is better to choose another venue so you can bring all your friends together and have a great time together.

Going away parties are usually not that fancy, which is why you don’t have to book anything expensive such as a restaurant room that has a spending minimum. You can even choose to use your own house. Others prefer going to their favourite bar or entertainment-type venue. If you are going to choose this option, then make sure you call ahead and find out whether there are requirements for a big group.

Making your guest list

You are going to decide if the party is going to be just friends or both family and friends. If the party is not a surprise, then ask the friend moving to give you a list of people they want to be invited to the party. If there are some people you don’t know about – like friends outside your friend group or colleagues – they are not going to be left out.

Sending out invites a few weeks before – and asking for RSVPs

All the great going away party ideas are not going to matter if you don’t let people know about the party in advance. Choose a date early on (the party recipient needs to be free on that date) then send out the invites about three weeks before the party. You can send out a text, invite. Or email, make sure you clarify things like where the party is, what time it is, and any other expectation – things like asking them to bring a gift or prepare to share a memory.
RSVPs are a necessity. This is even more important when you want to host the party at a venue that isn’t someone’s home. RSVPs will let you know how many people are going to attend. There is also a lower chance of someone being a “maybe” and not coming to the party.

Picking a theme

These parties are a good opportunity for having fun with a party theme. Below are some great tips that are going to come in handy if you are planning a going-away party. If your theme is an upcoming wedding and your venue needs a mobile bar. Mobile Bar for Weddings offers the best options.

These are themes that will get you started:

Packing parties

If the person moving is open to having the party in their home, then consider making a game out of packing. This is going to be fun and also help them a lot. You have to plan for things like drinks, food, and music alongside packing materials. You will be surprised at how much packing is going to be done.

Destination parties

You can use the going-away party as an opportunity to celebrate their new journey in a new city or town. If they are moving to a city like Miami, you can decorate the room using flip flops and palm trees then serve some margaritas and empanadas. This is a great way of telling them that they are going to be missed while also being excited about the new adventure.

Bon voyage parties

There are times when the best option is the classic one. This is a great going away party option that works for most people. Throw a party with a travel theme, and decorate it with things like map tablecloths and a cooler of aeroplane bottles of wine.

You can skip the theme too if you think the guest of honour doesn’t like it. This is a laid-back affair. It is totally fine if you want to have a couple of people in a room with drinks and pizzas. Do what you think works best for you and your friends.