Playing Tennis Regardless of Age [How Does It Benefit You?]

After the championship tennis tournaments, it’s a norm for a lot of tennis clubs around the country to open their doors to anyone who wants to pick up a racket and play. When the doors go open wide, everyone is invited to play. And by everyone, tennis enthusiasts do mean everyone. If you are thinking to yourself ‘how much does a padel tennis court cost‘ then see here.

Tennis — A Sport Suited for the Young and Old.

Tennis fans aren’t exaggerating when they say the game is suited everyone “between four and 94.” They’re simply pointing out that this is a sport that appeals to people of all ages. And it’s a game that can be enjoyed by generations: it’s a game that a moderately healthy grandparent can play with a grandson old enough to grip a racket.

True to this, players like Martina Navratilova and Jimmy Connors were still active in their 40s in the professional game, while Leon Smith, the Great Britain Davis Cup captain for the past ten years, is 43. Moreover, he claims that he hopes to be playing at his local club until he’s in his 80s.

“Tennis is fantastic for fitness,” he explains. “However, there is a positive mental-health side to the activity, which is that it is very social; it keeps you surrounded by your pals.” Consequently, we can state with confidence that tennis is a unique sport that is enjoyable and learnable to all ages as long as one stays committed.

How Does Playing Tennis Benefit You Regardless of Your Age?

• Early years of life (ages 4-11)

At this tender age, the key thing to master in a game of tennis is balance and hand-eye coordination. Learning the basics such as lobs, drop shots and angled valleys will also come in handy. In light of this, children aged 4 to 11 can build their build fine motor coordination. The numerous changes in direction also help kids develop agility.

Like all other sports, playing tennis at this age comes with other general health benefits. These include increased cardiovascular and aerobic activity which help strengthen the immune system.

• Young people (adolescence and 20s)

In your teenage years and early 20s, you might find yourself involved in a lot of activities and barely have any time left to dedicate to playing tennis. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying to squeeze it into your busy schedule because it comes with some benefits. At this stage, you’re better at mastering the skills required in playing tennis.

You have strong energy bursts per match, you can run for over 5 miles in a single day of play and can rapidly change direction at a high speed. This strengthens endurance and speed in the body. Besides the physical benefits that come with exercise, playing tennis can help you master valuable life qualities like effort, dedication and patience.

Since tennis is a social game, it also opens up your social networks. In this sense, you become a less anxious/withdrawn person. You also become optimistic and confident.

• Mature Adults (30s and 40s)

If you thought you didn’t have time in your twenties, your 30s is a good time to leave some time for yourself. Tennis can help balance your life and work. It can therefore be rewarding both physically and mentally, especially if you have a job that involves minimal physical activity.

In addition to boosting or preserving muscle development, playing frequently has been demonstrated to benefit bone health, which begins to decline after the age of 30. To put it another way, it is a weight-bearing activity that can help maintain bones strong.

Tennis is also a well-known stress reliever throughout the early stages of a career and, according to anecdotal evidence (at least for males), can help put the mid-life crisis on hold for at least a decade.

• Middle Age (the 50s)

Tennis has numerous advantages for the elderly. It enhances your upper body strength and lowers your body fat percentage. High blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attacks can all be reduced with a low body fat percentage. Vigorous physical activity is also beneficial to the lungs and heart.

Start Today, It’s Never Too Late!

Tennis has several advantages, one of which is that you can begin or resume playing at any age. If you’re mobile enough, it’s as simple as picking up a racket. Start today!