The Main Reasons We Love Pubs

We British love pubs and this is a fact. In fact, it is the reason why there are so many of them in the country. For this reason, let’s look at the reasons why they are popular and the favourite place we visit regularly.

One of the main reasons we love pubs is the homely environment they offer. Although today both genders (male and females) are welcomed in a pub, back then they were establishments where men could get away from their family. This made shoreditch cocktail bars a home away from home. A place where one could enjoy a cold one, have good food and enjoy better company. Let’s not forget the fact that pubs tend to be more intimate compared to bars or clubs. In a pub, you get a personalised experience where both the staff and other patrons get to know you.

In Britain, people from different backgrounds love going to the pub. It does not matter if the person is from an upper class, middle class, or lower class; we all get together and have a good time. The best thing is that in a pub, you do not have to be super social – just sit quietly in the corner and enjoy a pint by yourself and unwind.

  1. The Variety

It does matter the lifestyle you prefer, there is a pub out there where you can enjoy yourself. You will get pubs that serve upper-class style cocktails to those that play country and rock music from a jukebox. In a nutshell, there is a pub for everyone. I prefer Irish pubs, where the main drink is Heineken and Guinness, while dropkick Murphy’s songs play in the background.

  1. A Place To Opening Up

It does not matter the pub you visit; you will find people sharing details about something that may not be great in life. In a pub, no one will be judging you mainly because they are going through a similar experience. Of course, it is not all bad news; people do celebrate birthdays, promotions, and other achievements in life. Pubs are places where people express themselves through the bad and the good.

  1. A place for everyone

A pub is a place where everyone is welcomed and fill at ease. It does not matter if you are an extrovert (a friendly person who loves talking to others and being around others) or an introvert (people who shy to talk to others); a pub accommodates all. It is not easy for a shy person to make friends, but they will most likely be the ones listening to outrageous stories from those who love talking to others.

Pubs, especially in the UK, are managed by families, which also adds an atmosphere of being home away from home. This makes people feel welcomed rather than an establishment where you will feel like another customer. The combination of everything mentioned in this short document is what makes pubs loved by people.

If you do not feel welcomed in a pub, the chances are they are not going to be in business for long. To enjoy being in a place where you love and feel at home, consider doing a bit of research for the best pubs in your area and locate the best for you.