Hybrid and Electric Racing Platforms Need Reliable Connections and Our Motorsport Division Is Ready to Supply Them

The EV (electric green vehicles) revolution is difficult if not impossible to avoid. All manufacturers announce their plans to switch to less polluting models and to cease the production of current ones. Different countries have different deadlines for making the transition to electric-only power vehicles. The UK has set 2030 as the target year to make this switch. However, many autosport sectors will have become fully electric by then, and the key to it all? Connectors. Yes, connectors like Multi Pin Circular, High Power Circular, Data Circular, Multi Pin Rectangular – all provided by FC Lane Electronics.

Formula E

According to company officials, Lane Motorsport has already been supplying connector solutions suited to EV motorsport platforms such as racing cars, bikes and even boats. Also, the company has shown support for some of the Formula Student teams that are currently building their own EV racing cars. Lane Motorsport encourages creativity and innovative ideas, hence their decision to support these young sportsmen in their endeavour to go fully electric.

More and more, the new Formula E categories of vehicles have started to gain momentum across all branches of the autosport industry. As all these teams make the shift towards a fully electric platform, they offer a gradually increasing level of hybridisation.

Designers of these innovative platforms use complex cable systems and harnesses that call for extremely small yet powerful connectors. They also have more contacts than older systems and they require a stronger signal and a higher current capability. These requirements are mandatory for the development of new generations of motors.

According to the same officials of Lane Motorsport, the company offers a wide array of connector systems for multiple applications such as petrol, hybrid and fully electric racing vehicles. The company expects to see a higher demand for smaller and more compact connectors with good abilities to withstand adverse environmental conditions. All these connectors will be placed around power packs and by their cooling systems, but also nearby the control and monitoring units.

8STA Connnector Systems

Almost all of these applications call for the use of 8STA connector systems produced by Souriau Sunbank. This is a division of Eaton, a company that uses Lane Motorsport as their trusted distributor for a long time now. These small circular connectors are the top choice of all major motorsport teams, as they suit a broad range of applications such as steering wheel systems, data acquisition modules, fuel tanks, telemetry and hybrid energy recovery elements. There’s no wonder these connectors are in such high demand on the motorsport market all over the world.

The basis of these tiny circular connectors consists from a plain aluminum body plated with black zinc. The high conductivity of black zinc ensures the proper functioning of these connector systems and gives them the capability to handle up to 200A. These connectors are compatible with 24 to 30 AWG wire, hence their broad range of applicability.

These connectors can operate at temperatures between – 55ºC and +175ºC. Mated ones are IP67 compliant, being therefore best for the most demanding environments out there and for all weather conditions.

The 8STA line of connectors includes the 01 version, a miniature version that’s about 20 percent smaller than the widely used 02 variant. Even though it is smaller, this series maintains all features and capabilities of the larger connector range, including its high resistance to rough environmental conditions and its anti-vibration properties. These connectors suit three removable sizes and feature 26 contacts.

Apart from the series of connector systems, the 8STA package includes a wide array of connector accessories. These items include protective caps, heat shrink boots, gaskets and nut plates, as well as the tools required to complete the job they are meant for.