Floor Plans and Photos Help to Generate Interest in Properties

You need excellent photos and floor plans to market a property for sale. Yes, there are numerous options out there but these are the basics that must be present. Here, experts at Fourlabs explain more.

Why Do You Need Floor Plans?

Research reveals that potential buyers always expect to see floor plans for properties on sale. Therefore, missing floor plans will cost you a lot for your property on sale. Here are a few reasons why you need photos and floor plans when selling a property.

• You can use them to showcase the potential of your property on sale.

• You can increase the interest in your property if you have great photos and other marketing materials.

• You will boost transparency when selling your property and receive more qualified leads.

• Photos and floor plans will guarantee a consistent brand presence.

Even with these benefits of having floor plans and great photos, it’s quite often that many listings will miss out. Mostly it’s because they provide inaccurate details, miss out on floor plans and take photos that don’t show the property in the best light. Keep in mind that if you don’t include floor plans in your property, it will have an impact on the interest your property will receive.

Why Do People Use Terrible Photos and Undetailed Floor Plans For Listings?

• If it is a quick sale, you might not have enough time to take good photos and provide detailed floor plans for the property.

• You might lack the best equipment to take good photos and make detailed floor plans.

• There might be bad weather making it hard to take good photos.

• Poor communication between the property owner and listing agent can result in terrible home preparation and staging.

When marketing any property, you need to keep these points in mind to avoid the worst results.

What Are the Best Estate Agent Photography Tips?

If you look at property for sale online, you will come across numerous examples of bad photos. Whatever you do, it’s prudent to avoid bad photos of any property for sale. If you want to increase the interest of the property for sale, it’s good to maximize the visual content. Yes, most estate agents will have a good minimum standard when it comes to photos but you can’t go wrong with hiring professional photographers. It’s always a good idea to be prepared at all times but make sure you follow these tips for the best results.

• When staging the property, make sure the homeowner tidies it up before you begin.

• Prepare the property and take the time to understand the layout for the best results.

• When taking photos, bring the best equipment such as a DSLR camera with an ultra-wide lens and tripods for the best results.

• When taking internal and external shots of the property, you need to play with the angles. Take about 8 or 10 internal shots and 2 or 3 external shots to be on the safe side.

With these tips, you should be able to pull off the best photos and floor plans for the property on sale.

What Are the Best Tips for Drawing Floor Plans?

When selling a property and drawing up floor plans, you need to spend more time on the details that actually make a difference. When drawing up these floor plans, you need more than a sharp pencil and engineering graph paper. You need a laser measuring device too.

You need to take consistent measurements and add every necessary detail such as doors and the direction they swing as well as windows and other permanent fixtures in the house. Learn the correct symbols to use on the floor plans for the best effects. Don’t forget to check the final plans thoroughly to make sure they don’t have any mistakes.