Replacing Front Coil Springs – Step By Step Process

Do you plan to replace coil springs on your car? Are you aware of the right techniques and special equipment needed for the job? It’s not that difficult but carries huge risk. This is why it’s important to take some precautions in order to successfully replace front coil springs. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown to help you with the process. For any readers who are looking to buy a coil spring, I would highly recommend you see Apex Suspension.

Raise The Vehicle

The first step in the process is to raise your vehicle safely off the ground to a height that makes it easy for you to access the coil springs. Carefully put the jack under the car and make sure it is secured beneath the engine cradle. You also have the choice of using a hydraulic jack for supporting the suspension when you are raising the car. Pay special attention to your safety and take precautions to prevent car slippage. Don’t forget to crack the nuts on the wheels in order to loosen them before raising your car.

Remove the Wheel

Carefully remove the front wheels. Every car has a unique removal process. Make sure you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to safely remove the wheels.

Remove the Ball Joint

In this step, the lower ball joint needs to be removed from the control arm. Before doing anything, ensure having a socket of the size that needs to be removed. Use a pickle fork to separate the spindle and control arm. These two have a friction fit. In order to remove the control arm, you will need to jack up the rotor.

Strut Removal

Open the hood of the car and find the location of three mounting bolts that are holding the strut. Undo these 3 and slowly take the strut out of position. Make sure to keep it away from the car. Don’t forget to keep the nuts in a safe position as you will need these when replacing these parts. You won’t find replacement nuts with new coil springs.

Coil Compression

Make sure you are observing all the safety precautions when removing the coil from the strut. Coil springs have to be compressed before undoing the bolt at the strut top. This is a dangerous operation as coiled springs have a lot of potential energy and can cause some serious harm if they uncoil uncontrollably. Take compression brackets at 180 degrees and place them on the opposite side of the spring. Keep tightening them for around 8 to 10 turns. After compressing springs, you can now remove the coil after undoing the holding bolt at the top.

New Coil Spring Installation

The new coil spring also needs to be compressed before it is put back on your car. Use the method as described in the above step for compressing the old springs. After tightening the coil, take the new swing and place it on the strut. You will notice a groove at the bottom of the strut where the new coil spring will slip into before coming to a rest. Make sure the spring rests in that groove and start tightening the top bolt. After fully installing and securing the new coil spring, you are now free to remove the compression tool.

Strut Reinstallation

This technique is completely opposite to the removal process. You will need to carefully replace the strut in the retaining hole. Don’t forget to tighten the three holding bolts. Once the bolts have been replaced, carefully jack up the rotor and get the spindle and control arm together. Make sure all the remaining parts are replaced by following the process in reverse.