Driving A Minibus – Topic Overview

Minibuses are very common, and in fact, at one point, you have been on one. They are an excellent way to transport a large number of people from one place to another. Let’s not forget how cost-effective and efficient they are. The possibilities are endless with minibuses starting from taking family and friends on holiday and helping a loved one move house.

However, the million-dollar question is, how much information do you really know about driving a minibus? What are you allowed to do drive? In this short document, we are going to go through everything you need to know about driving a minibus and HGV training.

Who Can Drive A minibus?

The good news is that anyone can drive a minibus as long as the person in question has a full car driving license. A full car licence includes a minibus as a standard, and if you are not really sure, you should go through your license. In fact, it is wise to check your license to be sure before hiring a minibus. The issue is not all about your ability to drive a minibus, but knowing minibus specific rules. The good news is that the rules are simple.

Driving For Free

The good news is that if you are driving the minibus for personal reasons (not as a profession), for reward or hire, then you do not need a special or separate license to drive. In fact, you are legally allowed to drive a minibus with up to 16 people without the need for a separate driving license. Although, this comes with some restrictions.

One of the restrictions is that you have to be above 21 years and be at least a 2 years’ license holder. Also, you have to meet the ‘Group 2’ medical criteria, which is a regulation defined by GP as a way to guarantee the safety of the passengers. Also, you have to ensure the minibus does not exceed the 3.5 tonne limit in total. You are also not allowed to tow a trailer at the same time while driving a minibus. For drivers over the age of 70 years need to take a further medical exam as well as fill in the D2 application.

Driving For Cost

The truth is that it is not practical to drive a minibus for free. First, hiring a minibus can be expensive, and if you are going for a long journey, expenses could pile up for a free trip. It does not matter if you are driving friends and family members or as a volunteer project; you have to be able to cover the cost of renting and running the vehicle.

Nevertheless, if you want to drive for cost, you will need a minibus permit. This is something you have to apply through DVSA and have to be over the age of over 21 years to apply. The permit must be used for a specific group of people, and it is not available to the general public.

Driving For Profit

If your goal is to drive for payment or as a profession, you will need to get a new license. The first thing you will need is a provisional entitlement to drive a minibus, which is legally known as a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) license. You will need to own a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license.