All You Need To Know About Driving A Minibus

Chances are you have come across a minibus, or even use it on a regular basis. Minibuses and HGV training surrey are an excellent way to transport large groups of people from one place to another. They are not just an efficient mode of transport, but a cost-effective one. From helping you move a house to take your loved ones on holiday, the possibilities are unlimited. But just how much do you know about minibuses and what are you allowed to do when driving one?

Who is Allowed to Drive a Minibus?

As long as you have a full car driving license, you’re allowed to operate a minibus. This kind of insurance includes driving a minibus as standard. If you are not certain, a quick glance at the back of the license should inform you. Ensure you do this before hiring one though. The physical ability to operate a minibus is not the issue, but the rules around driving these types of vehicles when money or safety is involved. Fortunately, the rules are simple and straightforward.

Driving a Minibus for Free

If you intend to get a minibus for personal reasons, and not for hire, reward or professional reasons, then you do not need a separate drivers license to drive it. According to the law, you’re allowed to operate a minibus with up to 16 individuals for free without the need for a separate license. However, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. For example, you need to have held a driver’s license for at least two years and be over 21 years old. Also, you’re required to meet the Group 2 medical criteria as defined by your general practitioner to ascertain the safety of the passengers. Also, you need to ensure that the vehicle’s weight does not go beyond 3.5 tonnes in total, and you are restricted from towing a trailer while driving a minibus at the same time. If you are a senior driver, you might have to take an additional medical exam and fill a D2 application to be allowed to operate a minibus.

Driving a Minibus Cost

Driving a minibus for free is not always practical. Leasing one can be expensive, and if you’re going for a long trip, chances are you’ll end up spending most of your money on a free trip. Even if you intend to only drive your loved ones, or want it to cover a charity or volunteer project, you need to cover the costs of leasing and operating the minibus. To achieve this, you’ll need a minibus permit. This can be applied via the DVSA. Also, note that you need to be over 21 years to apply for the permit. Other conditions that come with the permit is the vehicle should only be used for a specific group of individuals and not the public. Also, it needs to have a capacity of between 9 and 15 passengers, no more, no less.

Driving a Minibus for Profit

Lastly, there is driving a minibus for payment. If you want to operate a minibus professionally or for hire, then you need to obtain a new license. First, you’ll need a provisional entitlement to operate one and a Passenger Carrying Vehicle License or PCV. Also, you will need a Public Service Vehicle License or PSV.

And there you have it. A few important things to know about driving minibuses that are essential.