The Advantages Of Yoga

Improved Flexibility, Balance And Strength

While you can build strength by holding a pose, slow deep breathing and slow movements can warm up muscles and boost blood flow.

Give The Tree Pose A Try:

While holding one foot above the knee or to your calf – never on the knee – at a right angle, balance on the other foot. Hold this pose for about a minute while focusing on a single spot in front of you.

Yoga Relieves Back Pain

When it comes to enhancing mobility and relieving pain in people suffering from pain in the lower back, yoga is as good as basic stretching. For chronic lower back pain, yoga is recommended as a first-line treatment by Elements Yoga Studio.

Give The Cat-Cow Pose A Try:

With your knees under your hips and palms under your shoulders, get on all fours. Allow your stomach to drop down towards the floor as you breathe in. Afterwards, let your spine arch like a stretching cat as you breathe out and draw your navel towards your backbone.

Yoga Can Relieve Symptoms Of Arthritis

According to a review of 11 recent studies by Johns Hopkins, gentle yoga has been seen to ease some of the discomfort of swollen tender joints in individuals with arthritis.

Promotes Heart Health

By reducing inflammation all over the body as well as levels of stress, practicing yoga on a regular basis can help improve heart health. Yoga can also help in dealing with excess weight and high blood pressure and several other factors associated with heart disease.

Give The Downward Dog Pose A Try:

Make a triangle shape by going down on all fours, bringing your sitting bones up and tucking your toes under. While extending your tailbone and backbone lengthwise, keep your knees slightly bent.

Better Sleep

You can prepare your body to fall asleep and stay asleep with a consistent bedtime yoga routine which gets you in the right mindset, according to research findings.

Give The Legs Up The Wall Pose A Try:

With your left side against a wall, sit down. Then turn towards your right side and raise your legs to rest against the wall – with your sitting bones close to the wall while your back remains on the floor. Hold this pose for five to fifteen minutes.

Improved Mood And Elevated Energy Levels

After practicing yoga on a consistent basis, you may start to experience a boost in your physical and mental energy levels and feel more enthusiastic and alert.

Stress Relief

Yoga can help you with weight loss, healthy eating, mental health, improved sleep quality, mindfulness and stress management, according to scientific evidence published by the National Institutes of Health.

Give Savasana (Corpse Pose) A Try:

With your limbs stretching out away from you and palms facing upwards, lie down gently. Take deep breaths and try to clear your mind. Try to remain in this position for five to fifteen minutes.

You Get To Be Part Of A Supportive Community Through Yoga

You can enjoy some company that can eliminate loneliness and an environment for support and group healing by participating in yoga classes. Since an individual is treated as a unique person, taking part in the creation of a personalized yoga program that integrates their views, even one-on-one yoga sessions can help reduce feelings of loneliness.

Yoga Encourages Better Self-care

The science behind the value of yoga in healthcare is being listened to and incorporated by various large organizations including the National Institutes of Health and the United States Military.

The advantages of yoga in a variety of specialities including balance issues, chronic pain, osteopenia, oncology, arthritis and women’s health, have been demonstrated in numerous studies.