Top Missed Places When Cleaning Your Home

When people spend more time in their homes, the place can get dirty quickly. Cleaning such a home may feel like an endless task, and it’s quite stressful. Here are some places most people often miss when cleaning their homes.

  1. Inside The Appliances

The appliances in your home are most often overlooked when cleaning the house. When dirt and grime accrue in appliances over time, it can affect the performance and durability of the units. That is why it is important to clean inside the kitchen and other appliances when cleaning your home.

Washing Machine – You need to put some effort to clean inside the washing machine. There are many products available for this purpose. The rubber seal around the drum of the machine is where dirt and grime build up. Wipe it every week with white vinegar to cut through the grease.

Dishwasher – There are many cleaning products to clean your dishwasher. Clean your dishwasher at least once a month with household vinegar.

  1. Behind The Furniture

Out of sight is out of mind. Dust and grime will usually build up behind and under sofas, beds, and desks in your home. These are places that most people don’t clean often. In fact, these places need cleaning every three to six months depending on the area you live in. If you live in a dusty area, you may need to clean these places more often than not. You need to place the vacuum cleaner under these places and clean them properly. You may not need to completely move the furniture for this purpose. Use the long attachments of the vacuum to clean these areas. If you leave these places unattended for long, the build up of dust and grime can lead to sneezing, dry skin, and irritated eyes over time.

  1. Home Office IT

IT equipment can be a good breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. When we multitask, we leave bits of food, dead skin cells, and dust to create a germ sanctuary among these items. This is common when you are working from home regularly. That is why you need to give your home office and IT equipment a thorough clean with a commercial pressure washing service on a regular basis. It will help prevent malfunctions and breakdowns due to dirt and dust and keep the desk clean and hygienic. The tiny crevices and buttons that make up the IT equipment can make cleaning quite difficult. Here is how to clean your IT equipment with tiny buttons and crevices.

Keyboard And Mouse – Even though you touch the keyboard with your fingertips, the buttons on the keyboard are the perfect hiding place for germs. There are around 3,500 bacteria on an average keyboard and 1,500 bacteria on an average mouse. These pieces of equipment are quite tricky to clean and left unattended most of the time. Although the mouse and keyboard in your home don’t have contact from other people like in a commercial office, it is important that you clean these pieces of equipment every week. Using compressed air is an effective way to clean IT equipment.


Most people use a mobile phone in a home office. When was the last time you thought about cleaning your mobile phone? In fact, you should wipe down the screen of your smartphone with a microfibre cloth daily. Clean the phone case periodically to ensure a more thorough clean. Use warm water and mild soap to clean it.