Five Good Reasons to Hire Someone With a Disability

You Can Count on Them

A lot of employers do not hire someone with a disability because they are afraid the person can fail to come to work. However, according to average attendance figures, they always come to work.

According to one study, people with disabilities rarely take time off or sick leave. In fact, 40 per cent of them are not likely to take time off or sick leave compared to the other employees.

In addition, they are more likely to stay with the same company for longer. According to a call centre’s study, workers with disabilities did the same jobs for around 4.1 years. However, workers without disabilities did the same jobs for an average of 3.2 years.

Some people, however, believe workers with disabilities have the highest risks of injuries. This is not true. This is because the workers with fewer workplace accidents and compensation injuries are the workers with disabilities.

Employers can, therefore, hire them to get a stable workforce since fewer people will come and go. Therefore, they can save the business more money.

They See Things Differently

There are so many common misconceptions about people with disabilities. One of these misconceptions is they cannot perform like the other employees doing the same job.

A lot of employers, however, know that the most productive employees are usually employees with disabilities. In fact, they are more likely to bring something new to the table.

Therefore, they can still help the business solve problems. They can even use their life experiences to come up with new solutions.

It is not a surprise. Do you know why? Because they can easily adapt to difficult or new situations.

If your workplace is diverse, it can increase the overall productivity of your business. The employees can use their experiences to come up with creative solutions. Sometimes when hiring a disabled person they may lack confidence therefore you may need to look at disability confidence training.

They Can Help You Understand Your Customers

One in five people in Australia lives with a disability. This could include your customers.

If this is the case, you will need to represent these individuals in your workforce. If you represent them, your business will never miss a trick.

Hiring people with disabilities can help you understand the needs of these people. So, you will respond accordingly. If people with disabilities do not work for you, you will never understand them.

It is the same as not hiring women or not having ethnic diversity in your workplace. It does not feel right!

More People Will Like Your Business

If your business is inclusive, more people will want to work for you or do business with you. In addition, you will get more customers if you are inclusive.

According to the latest study, around 87 per cent of people say they love to work with businesses that hire people with disabilities.

In addition, many potential employees look for businesses with diverse workforces. If the workforce is diverse, the employees are more likely to feel safe.

In short, if you want to get more employees and customers, you need to have a diverse workforce. This means hiring people with disabilities.

They Have a Strong Work Ethic

People with disabilities not only have unique sets of skills. They can also share their insights and experiences with your employees.

Hiring people with disabilities can improve the staff morale in your workplace. They promote teamwork and they are more likely to increase the productivity of your staff.

If you want to have a diverse workplace, do not hesitate to hire people with disabilities. In fact, the government can help you. The government offers incentives to businesses to hire people with disabilities.

You can, therefore, get the incentives to help you make your workplace diverse. You can use these incentives to make your workplace safer for people with disabilities. For instance, you can use the funds to install bigger screens, widen your doorways, or add a ramp.