Ongoing Obedience Classes in Beltsville

TimeLocationClass TypeInstructors
6:30 PMRing 1Puppy ClassKen Nagler, Carol Brown
7:30 PMRing 1BasicDiane Gilliam, Jay Fernandez
7:30 PMRing 2Intermediate ClassSusan von Suhrke
8:30 PMRing 2Beginners Open / NoviceDiane Orth, Kerry Troxel
9:30 AMRings 1 & 2Run-ThroughsJoan Adler, Ken Nagler
6:00 PMRing 2RallyKeith Enzor
7:00 PMRing 1 NoviceWortley Ganoe
8:00 PMRing 2Confirmation HandlingMarlene Schlichtig
6:30 PMRing 2Puppy ClassKen Nagler, Marian Lennox
7:30 PMRing 1IntermediateKate Koebler, Jasmine Han
7:30 PMRing 2BasicJeannette Hoover, Laurie Collins
8:30 PMRing 1Utility Run-Throughs IF NEEDEDBarbara Glass, Jackie Stilwell, Contact Barbara at (410)456-9164 or Jackie at (301)384-2799 or at to sign up.
6:30 PMRing 1IntermediateMary LaDieu, Diana Hong
7:00 PMRing 2BasicKate Koebler, Mike Bullinger
7:30 PMRing 1NoviceMeredith Dwyer, Karen Dwyer
8:15 PMRing 1Novice and beyondMary LaDieu, Sue Faber
6:30 PMRing 2OpenGrace Sakala
7:30 PMRing 2UtilityGrace Sakala, Ken Nagler
7:30 PMRing 1Open Run-ThroughsEd Sakala, Bob Doyle
8:30 AMRing 1UtilityMelissa Stagnaro
1:00 PMRings 1 & 2Freestyle 1Darlene Chroniger
3:00 PMRings 1 & 2Freestyle 2Marlene Schlichtig
7:00 PMRings 1 & 2Open / Utility (call first)Debra Barrows, Joanne Blackman, To sign up for class, please contact Debra at (703) 503-5184 prior to attending class.