Intermediate Obedience

Ken's 98th Birthday

We celebrated Ken's 98th birthday twice at the quarters - once on June 26th and again on June 29th. See the pictures from the first party and the second party.


These classes are an exciting time for dog and handler as the dogs show increasing proficiency and reliability in performing the 6 basic obedience exercises. This class is for any student who has completed the 10 week basic obedience class.


Dogs will continue to refine and solidify, the basic exercises, of heeling, figure 8s, stands and stay, recall and finish and the long sit and down. These classes will provide increasing distractions as student’s dogs begin working off lead and learn off-lead comes and stays. Some students are working towards Novice Obedience competition or preparing to participate in other dog sports like Agility, Freestyle or Rally, while other students use Intermediate classes as basic obedience refresher for older dogs.


Intermediate Obedience classes are continuous enrollment and free to members.